ADL Board of Trustees

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Albion District Library’s Board of Trustees is actively seeking 2 new Trustees. The first, a resident of City of Albion to represent the residents of the City on the Board. The second, a resident of the City of Albion, Albion Township, and the Marshall Public School district within Sheridan Township.

We’re looking for those who believe the public library is vital to the health and well-being of the community as a whole. We want those who are passionate about learning; committed to equity in service to all residents of the district; advocates for transparency in use of community tax funds; and willing to work with others to achieve challenging goals.  For more information about this appointed, volunteer position, see the full description HERE.

Albion District Library Board of Trustees 2024
Laura Bollman (2025)
City of Albion

Eric Krause (2026)
Vice President
City of Albion

Kathryn Brautigam (2025)
School District

Phillip Kidder (2026)
Albion Township

Courtney Lehwald (2024)
Albion Township

Alma Morgan (2027)
School District

Cary Soltis (2027)
City of Albion

Albion District Library Board of Trustees
There are seven members on the ADL Board of Trustees. They represent the residents of the approximately 67 square miles of the City of Albion, Albion Township, and the Marshall Public School District within Sheridan Township.  Library Board meetings, held monthly, are open to the public.

Purpose: The Board of Trustees directs the funds and policies of the library, hires and evaluates the library director, establishes goals and objectives for the library, and develops future growth and priorities of the library.

Membership: Seven voting members; City of Albion (3 trustees), Albion Township (2 trustees), and the Marshall Public School District (2 trustees)

Term: Four years

Meetings: Monthly – Fourth Thursday at 6:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted with *)

2024 General Meeting Schedule
January 25 (Annual Meeting) (Agenda, Minutes)
February 29* (Agenda, Minutes)
March 28 (Agenda, Minutes)
April 25 (Agenda, Minutes)
May 23 (Agenda, Minutes)
June 27 (Agenda, Minutes)
July 25 (Agenda, Minutes)
August 22 (Agenda, Minutes)
September 12* (incl. FY2025 Budget Hearing; Agenda, Minutes)
October 24 (Agenda, Minutes)
November 21* (Agenda, Minutes)
December 19* (Agenda, Minutes)

2023 General Meeting Schedule
January 26 (Annual Meeting) (Agenda, Minutes)
February 23 (Agenda, canceled due to weather)
March 23 (Agenda, Minutes)
April 27 (Agenda, Minutes)
May 25 (Agenda, Minutes)
June 22 (Agenda, Minutes)
July 27 (Agenda, Minutes)
August 31 (Agenda, Minutes) – Rescheduled from August 24
September 28 (incl. FY2024 Budget Hearing; Agenda, Minutes) – Rescheduled from September 14
October 26 (Agenda, Minutes)
November 16* (Agenda, Minutes) – Rescheduled from November 9
December 14* (Agenda, Minutes)

2022 General Meeting Schedule
January 27 (Annual Meeting) (Agenda, Minutes)
February 24 Work Session (Board Orientation & Training, Naomi Lane Rm, 5:00 pm)
February 24 (Agenda, Minutes)
March 31* (Agenda, Minutes)
April 28 (Agenda, Minutes)
May 26 (Agenda, Minutes)
June 23 (Agenda, Minutes)
July 28 (Agenda, Canceled due to lack of quorum)
August 25 (Agenda, Minutes)
September 22 (includes Public Hearing for 2022 Budget)
(Agenda, Minutes, Proposed Budget)
October 27 (Agenda, Minutes)
November 17* (Agenda, Minutes)
December 15* (Agenda, Minutes)

2021 General Meeting Schedule
January 28 (Annual Meeting) (Agenda, Minutes)
February 25 (Agenda, Minutes)
March 25 (Agenda, Minutes)
April 22 (Agenda, Minutes)
May 27 (Agenda, Minutes)
June 24 (Agenda, Minutes)
July 22 (Agenda, Minutes)
August 26 (Agenda, Minutes)
September 30 (includes Public Hearing for 2022 Budget)
(Agenda, Minutes, Proposed Budget, Budget Narrative)
October 14, Work Session (Minutes)
October 28 (Agenda, Minutes)
November 18* (Agenda, Minutes)
December 16* (Agenda, Minutes)

* rescheduled by Board.