Public Spaces

Meeting Rooms

Our Naomi Lane Room (on the Library’s upper floor) features a large projection screen, integrated projection and speaker systems, a portable podium, tables and chairs which can be moved to fit most meeting needs, and a small kitchenette.
Maximum capacity: 125 persons.

OurĀ Learning Center (on the Library’s lower level) has two conference tables with chairs that can be moved, and a small projection screen with cart-based projector.
Maximum capacity: 10 persons.

Meeting rooms are available during the Library’s open hours.

Our meeting rooms are available for reservation to eligible groups. For more information on our meeting rooms, or to schedule a meeting, please call (517) 629-3993.

Exhibit Spaces

We have several display spaces available to organizations, non-profit businesses, or private citizens. These display cases are locked for safety.

Our foyer display case is 46″ tall x 74″ wide x 16″ deep, wall-mounted, lit by overhead fluorescent lights, and has optional glass shelving.

Our lower-level display case is 58″ tall x 71″ wide x 6″ deep, wall-mounted, lit by overhead fluorescent lights, and is well suited for quilt and art displays.

Each of our Adult Room display cases is 53″ tall x 49″ wide x 23″ deep, free-standing, double-sided with glass, and are best suited to three-dimensional displays of books, resources, art, etc.

For more information on our exhibit spaces, or to reserve an display case, please call (517) 629-3993.