March 2020 Brown Bag Events

Posted on Mar 10, 2020

Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
Bring your lunch; the Library offers coffee and cookies.

March 4 – Climbing Redwood Giants
High-tech aerial laser surveys and breathtaking imagery help reveal the little-explored environment of the redwoods. National Geographic (45 min.)

March 11 – Finding Your Roots: All In The Family
The family stories of actor Ty Burrell, and radio host Joe Madison. Also a look at how a summer camp for children is using genetic genealogy to help young people better understand their burgeoning identities. PBS (55 min.)

March 20 – Native America: New World Rising
New World Rising reveals Native American cultural continuity in the face of genocidal warfare and history’s worst demographic devastation. Native Americans tap 10,000 years of beliefs to fight and survive the forces of Conquest. PBS (55 min.)

March 25 – Great Barrier Reef: World Treasures
An exclusive, all-access tour behind the scenes of select UNESCO World Heritage Sites to illuminate the work that goes into running and maintaining these treasured monuments, buildings, national parks and even entire cities, ensuring that they survive in the best possible conditions for future generations to enjoy. National Geographic (45 min.)