Library Fines for Overdue And/Or Damaged Materials

Late Fees

  • If you keep a Library item beyond its due date, a late fee will be assessed at $0.10/day.
  • A late fee will never be larger than $3.00 per item, as long as the item is returned in good condition.  If the item is returned in an unusable condition, the patron will be charged for replacement and processing.
  • Patrons with $5 or more in late fees or fines on their Library account will need to pay down the amount to be able to borrow additional materials.  Patrons with fines more than $5, but less than $20, are able to check-out 1 item at a time, until their fines drop below $5.
  • If Library items are returned damaged or missing pieces, you will be charged to replace the item plus a small processing fee.
  • As a courtesy, the Library sends reminder notices close to the due date by email.