Library Board of Trustees – September 22, 2014

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

Press Release
Albion District Library
September 22, 2014
At an open meeting on September 18, 2014, the Albion District Library (ADL) Board of Trustees reviewed options for identification of a new library director to continue our mission to the community.  After careful review of our options and discussion with our current Interim Director and Deputy Director, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ann Perrigo and Cindy Stanczak as Interim Co-Directors.
Ann came to Albion in July of this year as consultant functioning as Interim Director of the library.
Since that time she has worked closely with Cindy, the Deputy Director. Over the months they have developed as a team with Cindy providing daily on-site leadership and Ann providing insight gained through her many years as the Allegan District Library Director. Ann has agreed to continue her consulting contract to function as Co-Director for the next several months.
Cindy Stanczak has served the ADL for several years and has worked diligently to continue leadership at the library these past few months. She is dedicated to the library and community and has proven herself to be capable of functioning in the role of director. Ann speaks very highly of Cindy’s skills and abilities and is excited to continue her work and mentorship with Cindy. The Board feels strongly that this team of experience and passion for Albion will serve our community well.
Cindy and Ann are appointed as Interim Co-Directors allowing opportunity for reevaluation of the
positions in early spring. The Board is excited about this team leading us through the next several months and hopes everyone in the community will reach out to Ann and Cindy to support them in this work.
We also are saddened to announce one of our members, Becky Kocher, will be leaving her position as a Board representative from the City of Albion in October. We encourage city residents interested in actively participating in the leadership of the ADL to contact the city offices to learn how to express interest.
Submitted on behalf of the Board of Trustees by:
Paula Pheley, President
10612 Condit Road, Albion MI 49224
C: 517-554-0093

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