Albion Tree Replanting and Nursery Project

Posted on Sep 30, 2013

tree in hand

How do you replace a lost tree?

The Albion Tree Replanting Project was organized by Melissa Wyss in 2008, and funded by a small Albion Community Foundation Environmental Grant.  It seeks to replace trees  on the tree lawn (the grassy area between street and sidewalk) that have been destroyed by storms, disease, or age.

The purpose of this project is

  • to replace trees that have been removed from the street lawn area.
  • to allow residents to take part in the sponsorship and care of the trees that are planted near their home.
  • to educate community members about trees.

Procedures for Getting a Tree

  • Fill out the form (available at Albion City Hall, Albion District Library, and Books & More of Albion) to notify the tree committee about your desire to sponsor a tree.
  • Those who have applied can choose from the species that are growing in the nursery.
  • If you do not want to wait for the trees in the nursery, you can select and purchase one from the list approved by the City (these lists available with the forms from Albion City Hall, Albion District Library, and Books & More of Albion).
  • Albion City workers will plant the trees.

Responsibilities of Tree Sponsors

  • watering the tree for several weeks after planting
  • protecting the tree from deer and the weather with stakes and wire

For more information, email, or contact the First Call Tree Services.

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