Wireless Internet

The Albion District Library is a free Wi-Fi hotspot for patrons 18 or older.  But to access our wireless internet service, you will need to know the following:

  • ADL uses the WiFi standard also known as IEEE(802.11b-g)
  • You will need to bring your own WiFi enabled laptop or other wireless device to the Library.
  • You will need a WiFi 802.11 b or 802.11 g compatible wireless card.

Most WiFi equipment will be compatible with the ADL wireless network. However, the Library can make no guarantee as to the compatibility of your equipment with the Library’s network.

You will not need any special settings or passwords to connect to the network.

The Library cannot guarantee speed of wireless access or that wireless access will be available at all times.

Please know that…

The Library’s wireless connection is unencrypted and unfiltered. Use of the wireless connection is done at the patron’s own risk. By using this connection, patrons acknowledge that security errors and hacking are an inherent risk associated with any wireless service. For that reason, patrons expressly agree that they knowingly assume such risk, and further agree to hold the Library harmless from any claim or loss arising out of, or related to, any such instance of hacking or other unauthorized use or access into the patron’s computer.

The Library accepts no responsibility for any software downloaded and/or installed, email opened or sites accessed while patrons are on the wireless internet connection. Any damage done to the patron’s equipment or self from viruses, identity theft, spyware, plug-ins, or other internet-born programs is the sole responsibility of the patron; the patron indemnifies and holds harmless the Library from any such damage.

The Library accepts no responsibility regarding the ability of patron-owned equipment to connect to the wireless network. Library staff will not change settings on patron equipment.