Public Spaces

Meeting Rooms

Our Naomi Lane Room (on the Library’s upper floor) features a large projection screen, integrated projection and speaker systems, a portable podium, tables and chairs which can be moved to fit most meeting needs, and a small kitchenette.
Maximum capacity: 125 persons.

Our Elsie Munro Room (on the Library’s upper floor, in front of the Local History Room) features two large tables and 12 chairs.
Maximum capacity: 15 persons.

Meeting rooms are available during the Library’s open hours. 

Our meeting rooms are available for reservation to eligible groups. To learn more, read this brochure. For more information on our meeting rooms, or to schedule a meeting, please call (517) 629-3993.

Exhibit Spaces

We have several display spaces available to organizations, non-profit businesses, or private citizens. These display cases are locked for safety.

Our foyer display case is 46″ tall x 74″ wide x 16″ deep, wall-mounted, lit by overhead fluorescent lights, and has optional glass shelving.

Our lower-level display case is 58″ tall x 71″ wide x 6″ deep, wall-mounted, lit by overhead fluorescent lights, and is well suited for quilt and art displays.

Each of our Adult Room display cases is 53″ tall x 49″ wide x 23″ deep, free-standing, double-sided with glass, and are best suited to three-dimensional displays of books, resources, art, etc.

For more information on our exhibit spaces, or to reserve an display case, please call (517) 629-3993.