Maps and Plat Books

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  • The Great Lakes Environmental Atlas and Resource Book
  • Atlas of the State of Michigan, 1873
  • Michigan Cemetery Atlas, 1991
  • Copy of pages from Calhoun County Plat Book, ca. 1837-40
  • Atlas of Calhoun County, Michigan, 1873
  • Illustrated Atlas of Calhoun County, Michigan, 1894
  • Standard Atlas of Calhoun County, Michigan, 1916

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  • Map of Albion, Calhoun County, Michigan [“a correct and complete copy traced from Lithograph Map, July 31,1895 by Harlan K. Whitney”, original ca. 1840], copy
  • Albion Village, 1858
  • Birdseye Map of Albion, ca. 1866, original and reproductions
  • Map of Albion Michigan, 1871
  • Birdseye Map of Albion (C. J. Pauli), 1890 fragment
  • Manuscript Map of Albion, March 25, 1885 (at time Albion became a city)
  • Map of Albion with house numbers, electric lights, mailboxes and hydrants, 1908
  • Sanford Insurance Map of Albion, 1918
  • Map of Albion, 1920
  • Plat Maps of Albion, miscellaneous dates
  • Albion Architectural Survey Map Key, 1985
  • Advertising Map of Albion Businesses, ca. 1990
  • Miscellaneous undated Maps of Albion