Library Cards

revised 7/12/2010

Owners of Albion District Library borrower cards assume responsibility for the care and safekeeping of all materials borrowed on their cards.  They also assume responsibility for settling fines, damages, losses, or other assessments incurred by the use of their cards.

Card owners are asked to report changes in names, addresses, email, and telephone numbers to the library as soon as possible, so that the library’s borrower records can be kept up to date.

Proof of Identification & Residency

Library cards of all categories will be issued only after the applicant presents proof of personal identity and Albion District Library residency.  A valid Michigan driver’s license is the preferred form of personal identification; any photo ID showing the applicant’s name and current Albion district address will be considered acceptable proof of residency.  If no photo ID is available, the patron must show two other forms to prove residency.

Persons Under 18 Years of Age

Children must have applications signed by parent or by an individual specifically authorized as a person acting in place of a parent for the minor.

A library card may be issued to anyone (babies included) regardless of applicant’s age.

The person who signs the library card application for a child under the age of 18 years is responsible for any outstanding fines, bills, or overdue materials on the child’s library card.