March 2019 Brown Bag Events

Posted on Mar 13, 2019

cookie and coffee

Wednesdays at 12:15pm
Naomi Lane Room, 3rd Floor

Bring your lunch;
the Library provides cookies and fresh, hot coffee!

March 6 – NG: Destination Wild – “Super Squirrel”
The furry denizens of any American backyard often go unnoticed, but their feats of agility, intelligence and imagination deserve a closer look. Tree squirrels are quite common in suburban backyards. So much so that their extraordinary behaviors can easily go unnoticed. Not only do squirrels survive and cohabitate with man, but they appear to thrive in our shared spaces. This program examines the mental and physical attributes that make it all possible. National Geographic (52 min.)

March 13 – “Africa’s Great Civilizations: Empire of Gold”
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. examines Africa’s past through anthropological and scientific discoveries and shares that Africa is the genetic home of all currently living humanity.

The third hour in the series marks an era of great commercial and manufacturing growth throughout several regions on the continent. It begins with the revolutionary transformation of North and West Africa. On the shores of the Sahara Desert, farmers, traders, warriors and nomads turned this region into the crossroads of some of history’s most advanced, and wealthiest, civilizations. PBS (54 min.)

March 20 – American Masters – “The Women’s List”
Celebrate Women’s History month with Albion District Library!
Meet 15 women who define contemporary American culture in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ intriguing “List” film featuring Madeleine Albright, Margaret Cho, Edie Falco, Betsey Johnson, Alicia Keys, Nancy Pelosi, Rosie Perez, Wendy Williams and more.

All trailblazers in their fields, these women share their experiences struggling against discrimination and overcoming challenges to make their voices heard. PBS (60 min.)

March 27 – “Native America: From Caves to Cosmos”
From Caves to Cosmos focuses on the deep roots of Native America: Who are America’s First Peoples; how did they create their unique world? Answers emerge from Hopi Elders on pilgrimage at sacred Chaco Canyon in the New Mexico desert. Also, from scientists examining ancient cave painting in the Amazon jungle, Chumash boat builders exploring their tribe’s ancient migration legacy off California’s coast, and an archaeologist digging deep below a towering pyramid near Mexico City. “Native America” reveals a brilliant past far too long untold. PBS (60 min.)

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