February 2019 Brown Bag Events

Posted on Jan 31, 2019

coffee with cookies

Wednesdays at 12:15pm
Naomi Lane Room, 3rd Floor

Bring your lunch; the Library provides cookies and fresh, hot coffee!

February 6 – Africa’s Great Civilizations: “The Cross and the Crescent”
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. examines Africa’s past through anthropological and scientific discoveries and shares that Africa is the genetic home of all currently living humanity. In this second episode of “Africa’s Great Civilizations,” chart the emergence of two powerful forces of global change, Christianity and Islam. We will learn how pervasively “the Cross and the Crescent” reshaped the landscape and people of Africa between the first and 12th centuries A.D. —and for centuries to come. PBS (54 min.)

February 13 – We’ll Meet Again-“Freedom Summer”
This series features dramatic reunions of people’s lives who crossed at pivotal moments. View history through their eyes and hear stories of heroism, hope and the foraging of unbreakable bonds. Join Ann Curry for dramatic reunions between people who changed each other’s lives during the Civil Rights Movement. Fatima wants to thank Thelma for her courage in the face of racism, and Sherie searches for the friend who inspired her commitment to social justice. PBS (60 min.)

February 20 – “The Gene Doctors”
Every year, over a million babies are born worldwide with a hereditary disease.  For most of history, doctors could only treat symptoms. Then researchers began to target root causes, but the quest has been long, difficult, and punctuated by tragedy. Now an elite cadre of pioneers—call them gene doctors—is starting to win battles. Through intimate stories of families whose lives are being transformed, The Gene Doctors take you to the frontlines of a medical revolution. PBS (60 min.)

February 27 – Impossible Builds: “Europe in the Desert”
Austrian property developer Josef Kleindienst is spending tens of millions of dollars to recreate the essence of Europe across six artificial islands located 2.5 miles of the coast of Dubai. Called “Europe in the Desert,” his six million square foot resort will feature 14 hotels, 42 private residences, and will accommodate up to 16,000 people at a time. Enjoy this creation as the builders use cutting edge construction materials and revolutionary technology. PBS (60 min.)

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