February Brown Bag Movies

Posted on Jan 31, 2018

Wednesdays, 12:15 pm
Bring your lunch; the Library provides coffee and cookies.

February 7 – “Palace of Versailles”
This former home of French kings epitomizes royal elegance in the style of Old Europe. Versailles originated in 1631 as a humble hunting lodge for Louis XIII. But his son Louis XIV built the now familiar palace on the site outside Paris and moved the nation’s government and court to Versailles in 1682.

In this National Geographic behind-the-scenes tour of this elegant World Heritage Site, see where Kings dined and where they took their afternoon walks. And while the monarchs are long gone today, Versailles still plays a role in the nation’s governance—the palace regularly hosts joint sessions of the French legislature. NG (60 min.)

February 14 – “A Few Good Bakeries”
Bakeries are popular places. They smell great. They are full of wonderful things to eat, from crusty breads to gooey and sweet treats. And they often become neighborhood meeting places, where bakers work hard and where people often leave with good feelings as well as fresh baked goods.

In this documentary, we celebrate A Few Great Bakeries across America, never claiming that this is a list of “Best Bakeries” but rather just a few warm ones worth checking out. We happily celebrate these few bakeries and hope that everyone will be inspired to look for more great ones all across America.  PBS (60 min.)

February 21 Nova: “Death Dive to Saturn”
Almost everything we know today about the beautiful giant ringed planet comes from Cassini, the NASA mission that launched in 1997 and arrived at Saturn in 2004. Since then, the spacecraft has been beaming home miraculous images and scientific data, revealing countless wonders about the planet, its rings, and 62 moons—including some that could harbor life.

As the mission approaches its final days in 2017, join NASA engineers for the tense and triumphant moments as they find out if their final maneuvers have paid off, and discover the wonders that Cassini has revealed over the years.  NOVA (60 min.)

February 28 – Secrets of the Dead: “Nero’s Sunken City”
Beneath the turquoise waves of the Bay of Naples lies an extraordinary underwater archeology site, the ancient Roman city of Baiae. What made Baiae such a special place? What really went on there?  And why did it disappear?

For the first time, an international team of scientists, archaeologists, and historians is meticulously mapping the underwater ruins and piecing together evidence that could provide answers to these questions.  Secrets of the Dead chronicles this investigation uncovering what life was like in Nero’s Sunken City. NOVA (60 min.)


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