Beautifully Wrapped: The Fashion, Tradition, & Culture of Headwrapping

Posted on Feb 24, 2017

Photography Exhibit: Available through March 25
Lobby, Adult Room, and Basement Level Display Spaces

Whether worn as a religious, spiritual, cultural, or a fashion statement, headwrapping is an art enjoyed globally by men and women.  This photography exhibition celebrates the beauty and style of adorning the head with vibrant and colorful headwraps, geles, hijabs, tichels, and other headcoverings.


Beautifully Wrapped: The Fashion, Tradition, & Culture of Headwrapping (Workshop)
March 25, 1:30pm
Naomi Lane Room

Beautifully wrappedHelp us welcome Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, founder of Beautifully Wrapped!  Naeem, who has a Master’s Degree in anthropology, will share the unique history of headwrapping in cultures around the world.  Learn how to tie your own head wraps, and in different styles. Bring your scarves or use one of theirs!

Open to all!  No registration required.

This event co-sponsored by Albion College Intercultural Affairs, POWER, Black Student Alliance, Campus Programs & Organizations, NAACP-Albion Branch, & Albion District Library.

Beautifully Wrapped is an international, interfaith organization that brings together people of all cultures and ethnicities to showcase the art form of headwrapping as a way to promote beauty, spiritual identity and holistic health and healing. They endeavor to inspire, enlighten, and empower women of all walks of life through education, publications, media, and fashion.

Headwrapping is an expression of human spirit that transcends time, religious differences, and space. The act of wrapping is like the building of courage, strength, spirituality, and love all at once. With each fold, tuck or pull of the cloth, one becomes enveloped in a sense of higher purpose. We hope you are inspired to learn more about the “person under the wrap.”  (Taken from Beautifully Wrapped & The Headwrap Expo,

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